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Vertigo Artist Residence – Eco Art Village

The Vision: Manifest a change in the perception of western art. Exhibiting multidisciplinary art, made by artists, scientists and scholars of the highest regard, inspired by the Eco Art Village. Development of ecological and social participation conscientiousness.

Artist Residence - Vertigo Eco Art Village

Artist Residence – Vertigo Eco Art Village


Our Artist Residence program has been created in order to let various art form and sciences meet, collaborate and create a multicultural and international dialogue lab. By inviting creative professionals from various fields, we aim to extend the boundaries of art into collaboration and transcendence of art and science. The artist residence provides space, food, studio and infrastructure, to help artists create and present their creations to the public at the end of the residency period.

Village residency allows the artist a period of free thinking and creativity.

Finding common ground between various art forms can encourage creation of new artistic products, expansion of the artist’s perception and knowledge into new frontiers.

During the process, we aim to develop an ongoing dialog between local and foreign artists and help them build mutual artist workshops, lectures, shows, performances and other forms of artistic outcome.

Resident artists are expected to display their work at the end of the residency period and expose them to the public.

Artist Residency – Call for participation 2015

Vertigo Eco Art Village invites artists from the movement and visual arts fields to apply for residency for the purpose of individual creation and/or collaboration with local artists.

During their stay, resident artists are expected to develop and create new art pieces in Eco Art Village spaces or explore and develop various fields of knowledge and expertise with local artists, after which they will form public art displays to the general public.
During their stay, artists are encouraged to engage in direct artist meetings with the local crowd and other residents.

Residency Terms

Each artist is invited to reside in Eco Art Village for at least a month period, during which he/she will work 5 days a week.

We provide a private working space, an open working space, a workshop, basic materials, a sound system, full office services, a kitchen and an option for staying in the kibbutz.

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Vertio Eco Art Village Open Space

Vertio Eco Art Village Open Space